Best Top Rated Electric Heated Blanket
By David Marck

Best Top Rated Electric Heated Blanket

Winter is here and the season of layering up has started. Few people are a fan of this chilly season. While many of us enjoy the season with all its glory, others despise the very thought of waking up in the middle of the night all cold and bothered. It gets the most frustrating for them when they are unable to keep themselves or their children warm in bed. And this is when the great savior of the cold weather comes in, aka the electric blanket. Before we begin an analysis of the best electric blankets in 2024

, let us first introduce to our readers, what an electric blanket actually is. These are, in all respects, much more than what they seem to be. Electric blankets are warm blankets that carry a network of electrical wires. These wires are inside them that function combined in producing heat in the blanket. This emancipates warmth from the blanket which can, in due course, give the user a warm and comfy feel. This blanket is a great invention to beat the cold. Especially now that the weather conditions get so extreme in most parts of America and Europe.

The best thing about this blanket is that it can provide heat and warmth. Without an actual effect affecting your electricity bill. Electric blankets are pretty easy on the pockets and they are very well accessible too. You can get them off of an online website right from within the confines of your home. But the question remains, how would you know which electric blanket is the best to buy. To make it even easier to buy the best electric mattress pad, check this rundown on the specs and details. Before we help you decide the best electric blanket for you, let’s first discuss the giant elephant in the room. ‘Are they even safe?

1. Sunbeam Heated Blanket:

This electric blanket features 100% polyester which ensures great quality fabric. It has a quilted detailing on its surface along with heated fleece. The warmth this blanket provides is enough to keep you comfortable during those chilly winter nights. Offering great warmth and comfort, the blanket features ThermoFine technology. It ensures consistent heat across the bed heat pads. There are setting options on the blanket which can help you decide a particular level of warmth in the blanket. The blanket also has an Auto-Shutoff feature that shuts off the blanket after 10 hours. The electric mattress pad can withstand machine washing and it is dryer safe. 

2. Sunbeam Throw Blanket:

Sunbeam Throw Blanket has fleece material in its layers. This heated mattress pad features an ultra-soft fleece for extraordinary warmth. This blanket is better than Sunbeam Heated Blanket providing higher warmth and comfort. It uses specialized ThermoFine technology to ensure consistent uniform heat across the blanket. This blanket features a controller that has 3 settings to adjust the heat level in the blanket. It has a 3 hour auto-off that turns it off after 3 hours. 

3. Sunbeam Heated Blanket – MIcroplush:

This product features a ComfortTec controller in it that has a digital display. It also features push-button controls to adjust the heat and warmth level in it. Besides this, the heated mattress pad also has a pre-heat feature that can pre-warm the sheets. You can set in on the preheat mood and then expect warm sheets before you tuck in the bed. It features a total of 10 settings and it can be auto turned off with its 10-hour auto-off feature.

But, according to electric blanket reviews, this electric mattress pad does not function when kept unused for a long while. 

4. Sunbeam heated throw:

This blanket is premium soft and characterizes the Sherpa / Mink heated throw blanket. It provides you perfect warmth and comfort wrapped in it. This heated mattress pad also consists of ThermoFine technology. It sets the heat consistency and the setting of the amount of warmth you need. Furthermore, the blanket has a EliteStyle II controller that has 3 settings which you can change the heat level with. This throw is about 50 inches by 60 inches in size.

As per the experience of some customers, the blanket smells of some sort of chemicals and isn’t quite effective in its heat provision.

5. Beautyrest Ultra Soft Sherpa Berber Fleece Electric Poncho Wrap Blanket Heated Throw:

This one isn’t your usual electric mattress pad. This pleasant looking Sherpa Poncho Wrap is comfortable and stylish with plaid patterns across it. The heating level it provides is 3 setting and it comes with a controller. The best thing about this poncho is that it is unlike any other type of wrap providing warmth plus the elegance appearance. It definitely is a great pieced of wrap for having those binge-watching sessions on your couch. It comes with no electromagnetic field emission and you can wash it in the machine. Yet, we must take care of is that this poncho should requires light and gentle cycle.

As per a Heated blanket review, heavy washing may have harsh reactions on the poncho.

6. Sunbeam Imperial Plush Heated Blanket:

As much appealing and royal it looks, it is amazing in functionality. From soft and comfortable touch allowing you to tuck in your bed with a nice and sound sleep. Winters will be no more chilly cold with this luxurious electric blanket. We like the safety advanced technology incorporated in this Heated Blanket that allows the auto-off option to switch the blanket off when not in use. 

7. Tefici Electric blanket Heated Throw:

This blanket is very much like the one mentioned earlier, the Sunbeam Imperial Plush. It is only designed to provide 100 percent warmth and comfort along with protection in cold chilly nights. It comes with a PTC + NTC heating system that ensures zero danger. One notable feature about this heavy mattress warmer is that fulfills its promise to deliver full-body comfort. It is large enough to encapsulate the full adult body. 

8. SoftHeat by Perfect Fit:

Soft heat is famous for its super soft fabric with the finest quality fleece. It comes with a network of micro-thin wires under the upper layer of the blanket. The wires are there with advanced technology. Among many other notable features that this Heated Blanket features, one such feature is that it has a low voltage technology.

This technology keeps it safe to use the blanket even in the presence of moisture.

9. WAPANEUS Electric Heated Blanket:

By and by, this super luxurious electric blanket is super friendly to the skin. Furthermore, it comes with the perfect comfort level. Every user would like to enjoy while having a good night’s sleep in a brutal cold night. The cherry on top is that it comes with a 5-year warranty that makes it one of the best electric blankets available.

Electric blankets guide:

Are all those best-heated mattress pads Safe?

Well, we do in every respect understand the internet can be a scary place. And we are sure that your question ‘Are electric blankets safe?’ also arises from the same scary details the internet gives you. But wait, hear us out before you decide on a narrative. Yes, Electric blankets are safe. How so? Let us explain in detail. Electric blankets are very much safe as long as you are not overusing them overnight.

Especially if you have purchased your electric blanket form a reliable place, then you are on the safe side. It is a great supply to warm up in the bed at cold and chilly nights. But, one thing that you must be certain about is that you should not let them turned on all night long. Or else you might end up in an unfavorable situation. You can use it only when you are awake so that you can control the heat. And so that it does not increase to the point where you cannot withstand it. The updated versions of this mattress warmer carry a small timer as well that works as a reminder or turns it out. But, turning off those blankets is essential by human hand before falling into sleep. The best method to use these blankets is to turn them on before you get on the bed, then when you lay on the bed. Add an extra layer beneath the electric blanket as a safety measure and then layer up with it.

When is the best time to buy an electric blanket?

When the cold season hits the city, it’s usually around this time when you crave to buy the best-heated mattress pad. But, the best approach is to buy it before the winter season. , it’s best to buy your electric blankets right before the winter season. But often the autumn to is very harsh in some of the countries, hence getting it pre-autumn can also be what they call strategic buying. Purchasing it when the demand is low, that is before winter or fall, would a great idea. This way you can save a good sum of money since it is available at a cheaper price during this season than in winter or autumn. 

How to use an electric blanket? 

Electric blankets are safe and easy to use if you know how to operate them well. These blankets have a network wire which are then put in the plug into an electrical socket. To heat the blanket up, you can enter the wire into the socket. But, it is advisable to take care of that overheating can be hazardous. The blankets carry insulated wires nestled between certain layers of fabric inside the blanket. The network of insulated wires then passes heat throughout the mattress warmer to keep it warm. And in the end, it helps you stay secure, comfortable and warm in your bed. 

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