Top Best Dog Playpens
By David Marck

Top Best Dog Playpens

Every dog owner has a special attachment to their dogs. And with that special attachment and love, comes reasonability and concern for the dog’s well-being. Dogs are lively and active animals, and hence owners cannot always trust them. They jump on couches, scrape floors in their owner’s house and even leave the house even sometimes. Hence, while it can be fun and adoring, it can also be tough for owners, as they constantly would have to keep an eye on their dogs and ensure they are safe. And with this concern comes exhaustion; any owner cannot keep with their dog daily and also focus on themselves. For this main reason and many, dog playpens are an important and necessary purchase. And since owners love their dogs, it’s not satisfactory that it should be just any playpen. No, in fact, it should one of the best playpens, not only providing the best security and protection to dogs, but also providing the necessary features and luxuries to make this experience accommodating.

With playpens, dogs would not have the option of going out late nights or being out alone on winters or rainstorms and cyclones, etc. Instead, that precious dog would be home, having the necessary space to roam, play, eat, and sleep in their very own playpen. Best dog play pens will have features like; versatility, accommodating, removable doors, locked doors, lightweight, portable, easy to store and transport, easy to assemble and collapse, can be used in outdoors and indoors and can be used over a long period of time. Below, we have listed all the top dog playpens that contain all these features and more. 

1. MidWest Exercise Pen Outdoor Review:

MidWest is one of the best puppy play pens because of its amazing reviews and top-notch quality. It comes in heights 24, 30, 36, 42, and 48 inches. This playpen has long-lasting black E-Coat finish, hence protecting it from rust and other elements that result from outdoor use. Each panel measures 24″ W x 24″ H. This dog playpen is most suitable for puppies and dogs between 26 – 40 lbs. Aside from being one of the top dog play pens, it is easy and quick to assemble and no further tools are required. Hence, for those who are not mechanically gifted, this is the best pet playpen to buy. MidWest also offers optional tops for extra protection, so when going about your chores and business, you don’t have to worry about your dog. Not only is it accommodating when it comes to storing this dog playpen at home (as it can be folded flat), it is also easy to transport, as it is made of lightweight metal. This feature makes it one of the top playpen for dogs out there.

This playpen also comes with 8 ground anchors, making it attractive for those who are interested in outdoor activities. Moreover, it also has the feature of 8 corner stabilizers and 4 thumb snaps. This playpen’s adaptability and flexibility is another reason for it being one of the top dog playpens; it can be used as an extension to a dog crate or a small fence. Furthermore, it has the feature of a step-through door, making the entrance for your dog easy and simple and also making it convenient for you to give the food and drink to your dog, without the need to disconnect panels. Another reason for MidWest being among the best playpen for dog is that it gives your dog the freedom and space to move within the play pen; when fully assembled, it gives your dog 16 square feet of space.

There have been few negative reviews from some customers, putting into doubt this playpen’s status as one of the best puppy playpens. Some customers have complained that their dogs have destroyed the panels. More customers have complained that their dogs are able to climb out of the shorter models. This brings us to the conclusion that it may not be one of the best puppy playpens for those dogs that are rough and those dogs that are extremely active. There are also some complaints with regards to the material; that the product’s zinc coating wears off over time, eventually turning into an unattractive sight.

2.Ruff ‘n Ruffus Portable Foldable Pet Playpen Review:

Ruff ‘n Ruffus also is, without a doubt, one of the top dog playpens. It has amazing reviews on Amazon and has been recommended by many users. This playpen comes in 3 main sizes, hence giving you many options and making it accommodating for your dog; medium (29″ x 29″ x 17″), large (36″ x 36″ x 23″), extra-large (48″ x 48″ x 23.5″). An aspect that makes Ruff ‘n Ruffus one of the top dog playpens is the fact that it comes with a bonus; the play pen comes with a carry case and also a collapsible 16 oz. food bowl, hence being very attractive for those who travel. Furthermore, this playpen is spacious and has 8-Panel interior, giving your dog room to move and relax and not restricting its freedom.

What makes this playpen one of the best puppy playpens is also the safety and security it provides to your dog. It has an attached floor mat, guaranteeing welfare to your dog. The company guarantees the best quality and the overwhelming reviews on Amazon prove that. For those who are not good at assembling furniture, this is one of the best dog playpens, as it is user-friendly and does not require any kind of assembling whatsoever. It pops up on its own in a few seconds. Another reason why it is one of the top dog play pens is the fact that it is water resistant as it has been made of durable water-resistant materials, specifically for that purpose.

This playpen is easy to store, as it can be folded pretty easily. It is also portable as it has been made of materials that in effect, makes it lightweight while being sturdy at the same time. As a result, it is one of the top dog playpens out there for those who love outdoor activities; like camping, going to parks and even traveling. It has the feature of breathable mesh in the door and windows. It has a zippered door that provides convenient and easy access to your dog. Furthermore, it has a removable roof as per convenience. All of these features go on to make Ruff ‘n Ruffus one of the top puppy playpens.

However, a few negative reviews must be taken note of. There are complaints that some dogs were easily able to rip off the zipper and as a result, be able to get out of the playpen. Some complained that their dogs were even able to rip off the floor mat attached to the playpen. All of these complaints go on to threaten the status of Ruff ‘n Ruffus as one of the best dog playpens. But given the fact that its advantages and positive reviews outweigh its disadvantages and negative reviews by a lot, it can still be deserved to be labeled as one of the top puppy play pens.

3. BestPet Heavy Duty Pet Playpen Review:

BestPet Playpen’s positive reviews on Amazon have ensured its status as one of the top dog playpens. It comes in the simple color of black and the product dimensions are 32 x 30 x 32 inches. It has a heavy duty dual slide lock mechanism. It has 8 panels and the door (which is the 8tht panel) has a little panel so that puppies can’t escape even if the door is left open. Apart from being one of the best dog playpens, it is perfect for those who are not mechanically able as this playpen is easy to assemble and requires no further tools. This factor is an advantage to many owners out there who only want to spend mere minutes to set up such playpens, and this is one of the top dog playpens for those kinds of owners.

One of the reasons why it’s one of the top dog playpens is the fact that it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities. The material used to make this playpen is sturdy heavy duty rust resistant metal for this specific purpose so that it is durable and also resistant to bad weather. Moreover, it is portable, hence it is attractive for those owners who frequently travel. It is also pretty convenient to store; if the use of this playpen is no longer required, it can be quickly collapsed. Another feature that makes BestPet one of the top dog playpens out there is that this playpen’s size can be changed as per convenience or choice of both, owner and dog. And not only that, the sizes can be changed easily and simply without requiring any additional tools; so it can be shaped octagonal, squared or L -shaped. This playpen has the feature of being versatile. As mentioned before already, the sizes of the playpen can be changed easily into shapes and because of that, it can be used as a barrier and also as a pet play yard gate.

There are some also a few negative reviews on Amazon that can’t be ignored by a diligent consumer. Some customers have complained that the assembly rods can be bent. A few also complained that the space provided within the playpen itself is not that huge, so it may not be favorable to some dogs. However, this particular complaint can’t be applied to every dog and maybe an occasional case. There are also some complaints that it is not suitable for indoor uses; it creates scratches and can’t be folded.

These reviews create some doubt as to BestPet’s status as one of the top dog playpens. But it is important to also acknowledge that these complaints are few and may not be even that important to some. And the owner cannot ignore the factor that this playpen is one of the best dog playpens out there that provides their dog with the safety and security that they are looking for. And another reason why BestPet’s status as one of the top dog play pens is secure is the fact that it is ideal for the long run as a result of its modularity; for example, an owner can buy more dogs or change the structure of the playpen as the concerned dog grows.

4. Precision Pet Soft Side Play Yard by Petmate Review:

This dog playpen has a lot of features and good reviews that make it one of the top dog playpens out there. It is easy to assemble that requires only 3 steps and it does not require any further tools for setting it up. This playpen offers your dog the necessary security and luxury, hence solidifying this playpen’s status as one of the top dog playpens. This is evident from the fact that it has heavy duty zippers, reinforced corners, protected seams, and a steel wire frame. Many positive reviews by customers on Amazon also noted how they loved the idea that the mesh roof was able to keep animals in and not give them the option to jump out. Its luxurious features are many; it includes a side hole and a pocket making access to water pretty easy, it has exterior side pockets for storage for treats, leashes, etc.

It also offers 8 mesh panels which as a result, provide superior ventilation and visibility for pets. Another reason why it’s one of the top dog playpens is that it has a waterproof design; it is made of water resistant material specifically for this purpose. As a result, owners and dogs can enjoy outdoor activities. What makes this playpen even better for outdoor uses is the fact that it is easy to transport and that it also comes with ground stakes that allow pet owners to secure the pen in soft ground. Moreover, it is perfect for indoor uses as well and can be stored easily. This playpen offers easy access as it has removable top and Bottom floor panels and a zip-off top, which also can be washed. Furthermore, it can withstand any dog with high energy. These features all go onto making this playpen one of the best dog playpens.

An additional reason that contributes to its status as one of the best dog playpens is that it is versatile. An attractive feature for owners is that the material that this playpen is made of is such that there will be no scratches indoor. And also, the bottom floor panel can also be removed as per the convenience of both, owner and dog. Furthermore, this playpen comes with a nylon carrying case which includes a shoulder strap and side pockets, making it easy and convenient for transport.

Some negative reviews by customers on Amazon must be taken note of. These reviews put into doubt its quality and may encourage many to reach the result that it may not be the best puppy playpen. There were some complaints that the dogs were able to pull off the bottom panel and hence it may not be the best pet playpen for those dogs that are aggressive chewers. There were also some customers that complained over how it was tough to collapse this playpen and thought that it would have been better if instructions were provided by the company.

5. Richell Convertible High Pet Playpen Review:

Richell playpen, because of its amazing reviews and amazing features, has reached the status of one of the top dog playpens. It comes in 2 main sizes and options; playpen with 4 panels,

playpen with 6 panels. Because of its feature of multi-functional, it is most commonly known as 3-in-1 pet playpen. It is not only a pet playpen, but it can also be converted into a freestanding pet gate and room divider. It is made of durable plastic and is recommended for small dogs mainly up to 88 lbs. It has the feature of 1¼ inch space between plastic slats, ensuring that dogs don’t get stuck. These multiple features go on to make Richell playpen one of the top dog playpens out there.

It also has many special features. It has specially designed caps locking panels at different angles, ensuring stability as a result. It has customizable panels, allowing the 6 panels to be structured rectangle, octagon, or to be functioned as a gate, as per the dogs or owner’s enjoyment and convenience. Moreover, it has a lockable gate door, ensuring more safety and protection for your dog and as a result, certainly earning its title as one of the best dog playpens. It also has a convertible pet comfort mat, which is suitable for the 6 paneled hexagon structure. This can be used on top to provide shade outdoors and even as a floor mat. This playpen also has a convertible floor tray which can be purchased separately.

Furthermore, this playpen is easy to set up and also quite simple to clean. Apart from having the feature of versatility, this playpen allows easy access to your dog and the necessary security. Moreover, positive reviews on Amazon by customers show how owners are satisfied with the feature that this playpen’s shape can be changed so easily and simply. Moreover, it is lightweight and hence it is simple and easy when it comes to transport. But a disadvantage that can’t be ignored is the fact that because it is lightweight, it can also be toppled over very easily by rough and large dogs. This disadvantage may put into doubt this playpen’s status as one of the best dog playpens, especially for those who actually do have rough and large dogs. But reviews indicate that it is a factor that not many hold it high, and it is certainly better for small dogs and puppies.

6. MYPET North States Petyard Passage:

The MyPet 8-panel pet yard passage is one of the best pens most of the dog owners chose because it contains eight panels which creates an octagon shape. It has a swinging door so the dog can easily move in or out and also it can be locked for safety purpose of your dog. The enduring material is the reason it is listed in the top playpens.

It is best for outdoors when the owner is not there to accompany the dog. It provides a lot of room to walk in. The space in this pen is large enough that even the big dog does not feel crowded. This playpen is ideal for small-sized, medium-sized or large-sized dogs. This playpen is resolute and is very easy to set up without any guidelines.

7. EliteField Playpen:

The elite field dog exercise pen is tall with 36 inches height. This playpen is approximately eight to twelves inches taller than other dog playpens which prevents your dog from escaping. It weighs 12.7 pounds. 

This puppy playpen comes with a floor mat which prevents dog pee to leak on the floor when your puppy is not trained. It has two zipper doors. There are two pockets on the outside of this dog pen in which you can hold treats, water bottles or other dog belongings like collar or leashes. The playpen is very ventilated so that your dog won’t feel suffocated. It is easily washable. Dogs can freely move, stretch and play in the pen without thinking it as a prison. The firmness and durability of this playpen is the top reason why it is listed in the top 10 playpens for dogs.


Dogs are loyal companions of man, providing unconditional love. Hence, it is only fitting that the owners do the same and they can do that by providing their dogs with the necessary safety and luxury that these top dog playpens can so easily provide. It is the owner’s job to provide their dogs with not only a safe life but also a happy life. The above playpens can ensure that, without a doubt.

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